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Estate Administration

pic It is often beneficial for the assigned legal executor of a will — especially a will involving significant property and assets — to hire experienced estate administration attorneys to present the will to the court. In addition, we have the knowledge of estate law and the experience to represent you in all phases of both contested and uncontested estate matters, including:

* Contested wills, trusts and accountings
* Investigation of undue influence
* Guardianship proceedings
* Establishing or refuting the validity of estate documents, based on the capacities of the deceased     and a range of other circumstances
* Representing Our Clients' Interests in Probate Proceedings

Representing your interests in probate administration matters often calls for experience in other fields. Our law firm brings extensive knowledge of business, and taxation situations to all our practice areas. As an attorney experienced with all aspects of estate law, including complete estate planning, estate taxes and litigation over contested assets, we have this knowledge and experience.

At the Law office of John W. Harmon, we counsel and represent surviving spouses and children, other heirs and beneficiaries, executors and trustees, and other interested parties with full attention to their rights and goals. We aim for the most efficient solutions possible in helping you establish your rights to inherited assets. If you have a question about how an estate is being administered or handled in probate court, or if you are ready to plan your own estate, please contact the estate administration attorney at The Law Office of John W. Harmon.