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Special Needs Trusts

pic Helping You With Special Needs Trusts
When someone you care about becomes disabled, they may receive a large personal injury settlement or award at some point. Receiving such an award can require some special considerations. Sometimes, large awards may disqualify the person for the benefits he or she needs. At the Law Office of John W. Harmon, we can help.

Our attorney helps families create solutions by structuring special needs trusts for disabled people. There are several ways a trust can be created, and we can work with your family to determine what is best for you. At The Law Office of John W. Harmon, our attorney works closely with you. We listen and we explain the law, and will work to help you understand exactly what is happening at every step of the way.

A special needs trust (sometimes called a supplemental needs trust) is a legal document that lets a person with a physical or mental disability or a chronic illness put aside assets for care. When a special needs trust is drafted properly, those assets will not interfere with the person's eligibility for certain government benefits. It lets someone you love get the care he or she needs and deserves — above and beyond what the government provides. And it is a smart way to protect financial interests.
Even people who are not concerned about eligibility for government benefits may find a special needs trust a good idea. More than just Medicaid planning, a trust protects a person with a disability from financial abuse. Assets in special needs trusts are usually protected from creditors and legal judgments against a person. They may also not be divided in a divorce.
Are You Considering a Special Needs Trust? To talk to us about your options, contact The Law Office of John W. Harmon. Our attorney has in-depth knowledge of the law on special needs trusts and other legal matters, like estate planning, guardianships law and elder law litigation. We can answer your questions and help you exercise your options.